Plato's Cave

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Reality is just the beginning...
Just past actuality and third universe on the left... Emily Branwell wakes up one morning with a hangover and finds her horoscope is astoundingly accurate, sausages keep appearing out of nowhere all around her, and she can walk through walls. That is confusing enough, but when a huge, threatening shadow appears in the sky, Emily must solve the riddle of her rapidly disintegrating world before reality itself collapses. In her quest for answers, Emily seeks the help of both psychics and scientists, but finds that ultimately the truth lies far beyond the world anyone knows. Maybe next time she’ll count her drinks. Plato’s Cave takes a humorous look at humanity’s search for truth and the meaning of existence through the eyes of someone who wishes the universe would just stop bothering her.

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"An intelligent, whimsical, nondogmatic roller coaster of a novel, which leaves it up to the reader to connect the dots." - Kirkus Reviews

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"[Plato’s Cave is] a very well-researched and hilarious cosmic whodunit…By the time I was halfway through, I was literally reading this on the bus, walking down the street, every break at work! It's brilliant and I could see a television version being a cult classic. If you have a teenager who thinks science is dull, buy them this book. It's a really clever combination of science, new-age belief, humor, and knowledge. I admire a writer who can combine all that into an easy, enjoyable read!" - Review by SundayGirl, 5 out of 5 stars

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