Proof-reading. Manscript Critique. Book Reviews.

I offer proof-reading and editing services for your manuscript, thesis or school assignment. As a teacher, writer and blogger, I have an extensive experience in English in a wide range of both academic and non-academic genres.

School assignments: Proof-reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling check, and comparison of completed assignment with required assessment criteria.

University: Theses and assignments. Extensive line-by-line proof-reading available. I also cater to ESL and TESOL students.

Creative writing: If you have a novel, short story or play that you have worked long and hard over, let me proof-read it for you. I also offer full manuscript critiques.

I accept files both online and hard copies (on paper).

Fees: All fees are quoted in Australian dollars. Other currencies are compatible with current exchange rates.

Proof-reading: $1.00 per 1000 words.
Editing/Critique: $1.00 per 200 words.

Payment may be made by PayPal, Direct Deposit to my account, or cheque/Money Order (Australia only).

All fees are payable prior to delivery of the completed manuscript.

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