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Writing News
Here you will find a diary by me about what I'm currently working on. Let me know if you have any questions.


I am now editing two books at once: The Looking-Glass House, which is the third and final volume in my Jabberwocky Book series and Shepherd Moon which is the sequel to Days of Iron. Apart from that, I've had several short stories accepted and things are looking good for a new time-travel series.
The Red King
Alice Liddell is all grown up and living a respectable upper-middle-class life in London. Hearing that Dorothy Gale from Kansas has been to a mysterious land called Oz, she invites her to London to meet and discuss their adventures. But also arriving is the Red King, whom Alice met when she was a little girl and defeated in a chess game. The King has killed his Queen and come to the real world to carve out a new kingdom. He soon learns that Alice is still alive, and determines not only to revenge himself on her but also to murder the rightful King Edward VII, take his throne, and rule the Empire with an army of enthralled slaves.

Only Alice and Dorothy, along with the son of Inspector Lestrade from the Sherlock Holmes stories, can stop him. As they follow his blood-soaked trail of murder and mayhem, it looks as if the whole country will soon be under the sway of the Red King.

I have started on my next book, having delivered 'An Unkindness of Ravens' to the publisher. Now my next commitment is the sequel to 'Days of Iron'. Yes, those who have read that one have waited for the sequel that I said didn't need to be written. Well, I've started writing it. 'Shepherd Moon' will be out sometimes in 2016. The further adventures of Maddy Hawthorn as she fights for peace, order and understanding in a hostile universe.
'An Unkindness of Ravens' is now at submission point. That moment in a writer's life where they have to say goodbye to their baby and send it off to the harsh red pen of the editor. Such a great feeling.
Release dates for my books have been revised. Anticipated dates are now as follows:
'The Red King': 24 March 2015
'Days of Iron': 5 May 2015
'An Unkindness of Ravens': 22 December 2015
'Shepherd Moon': 22 March 2016 (?)
'The Looking-Glass House': 2016 (?)
I have signed a contract for volume 3 of The Jabberwocky Book with Permuted Press, to be called The Looking-Glass War. Set during World War 1, this story will see the story of Alice Liddell and Dorothy Gale draw to a close. Total war threatens not just our world, but Wonderland and Oz as well.
I have started on the sequel to The Red King, to be called An Unkindness of Ravens. The adventures of Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz continue, as they battle a monstrous force that has invaded not only our world, but all the fantasy worlds at the same time.


I have just signed an option contract with Permuted Press. First up for consideration is a re-release of my novel Days of Iron. I will post progress reports as things happen.

Want to know more about Permuted Press? click here to visit this site

The first draft of my new novel "The Red King" has been finished. A serial killer stalks the streets of London in 1901. On the case are Inspector Lestrade, son of the police officer who often helped Sherlock Holmes on his cases, and the most unlikely crime fighters of all, Alice Liddell, otherwise known as Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Meet a side of sweet little Alice you never knew, all grown up and getting tough on criminals.

"The Red King" will combine elements of horror, fantasy and comedy to tell a new version of the old serial killer story.

I have made three of my short stories available at Amazon.com, for Kindle. They are contained under one title, "Holding Darkness". The stories are What Daddy Did in the War, The Wasps and The Second Coin.

Further stories will be added as they are written.

A sequel to Days of Iron?
I've had a few people asking me about what happens next to Maddy Hawthorn. The ending of the book was something I had planned right from the start, but it was only when I got there that I realised the story should continue.

So yes, there are plans. A working title is Shepherd Moon, but titles don't come easily to me. Suffice to say there are plans for "what happens next". Mary Kris is back, more manipulative than ever, and Maddy and Dorac of course. Even the Marchioness is set to make another appearance. I'll keep you posted.

The Maegri.
I've been making notes and written a few pages of a possible fantasy series. This involves a race of time-travellers engaged in a civil war. The first volume planned is called Shine and Shadow. Mostly it is just notes at the moment, but a few chapters have been plotted out and I am making a start. An extract will be posted here shortly.