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Fallen Gods

FALLEN GODS: Act I -The Resurrection Box and Other Tales
Times are tough for the old gods. The world has left most of them behind and only a few now remain: the Fallen Gods, still clinging to hopes of return as legitimate deities.
Dionysus, god of wine, theatre and ritualistic madness, has taken human form and runs both a disreputable music hall and a more legitimate regular theatre in Victorian Era London. All he wants is to do is fit in with the times and lead a quiet and obscure existence, assisted by his loyal maenads, Mags and Leah.
But to his dismay other forgotten gods, and a tribe of rakshasa demons, wish to conquer the world for their own. Dionysus and his followers must oppose their various attempts to enslave humanity, and still get the curtain up on time.
Fallen Gods Act I is a series of four linked novellas comprising the following stories:
The Resurrection Box
The Moonsnatcher
Mister Foxwood’s Holiday



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