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Get a free copy of my short story The Bishop's Heart, one of my Tales of the Maenads.

Edithna is a maenad living in a Christian nunnery in 890AD to hide from her true nature. After the gruesome death of a travelling monk Edithna embarks on a dangerous adventure in the nearby forest, leading to an encounter with the undead and her own uncertain future.

Go the "Poetry and Short Stories" page on the left and click on the Wordpress link on the left to read the story..

The story serves as an in introduction to my world of maenads, who were the female followers of the god Dionysus, god of wine, theatre and ritual madness.

The maenads feature prominently in my upcoming series Forgotten Gods, available soon.

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The first book of a series about terrorism in the future. Part Two, Shepherd Moon, coming in 2016.

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A cool place to find great writers and their books.

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Alice Through the Looking-Glass meets The Wizard of Oz and Sherlock Holmes with a little bit of the BBC's Ripper Street thrown in.

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The new Maddy Hawthorn adventures.

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New Zealand artist Ruth Germon has painted some portraits of the main characters in my new series, "Forgotten Gods."

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The Jabberwocky Book: "The Red King", "An Unkindness of Ravens", "The Looking-Glass House".