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Coming soon: "Fallen Gods"

My new urban fantasy series "Fallen Gods" is now being prepared for publication. "Fallen Gods" is the story of the Greek god Dionysus, god of wine, theatre and ritualised madness, running a music hall in Victorian London. To help him he has his maenads, but the ladies often have a hard time keeping the wily and wayward deity ion check. 

Things aren't helped when other gods and a tribe of rakshasa demons try to take over. Can Dionysus and his ladies save the world and still get the curtain up on time?

Map and illustrations will be by talented Swedish artist Sophy Fredriksson, who also designed the gargoyle at the bottom of the page. Cover design will be by

Publication of "Only-By-Darkness"

My middle grade book "Only-By-Darkness" has been published. Talented cover artist Natasja Hellenthal of created the cover.