Here you can find out what I'm currently writing and other news. 

Publication of "Only-By-Darkness"

Soon my middle grade book "Only-By-Darkness" will be self-published. Talented cover artist Natasja Hellenthal of is working on the cover and once editing is done the publishing process will commence. 

"Henry VI Part 3" by William Shakespeare

The Show Must Go Online is a virtual theatre company with the plan to produce all of WIlliam Skakespeare's plays online while the world is in lockdown from COVID-19. This worthy task is led by Rob Myles and Sarah Peachey. I performed in their production of "Henry VI Part 3" as part of the ensemble cast.

You can view this amazing production by following the link below. You have never seen Shakespeare done like this before. 

Coming soon: "Forgotten Gods"

The first draft of my new urban fantasy series has been completed. "Forgotten Gods" is the story of the Greek god Dionysus, god of wine, theatre and ritualised madness, running a music hall in Victorian London. To help him he has his maenads, but the ladies often have a hard time keeping the wily and wayward deity ion check. 

Things aren't helped when other gods and a tribe of rakshasa demons try to take over. Can Dionysus and his ladies save the world and still get the curtain up on time?

Map and illustrations will be by talented Swedish artist Sophy Fredriksson, who also designed the gargoyle at the bottom of the page.

In progress: "Only-By-Darkness"


My first effort at writing a middle-grade (ages 8 - 12) story. Molly Travers has to live with her Aunt Goneril while her parents are overseas. Investigating the forest behind her aunt's farm, she meets Only-By-Darkness, a wood sprite. Together they work to defeat the company trying to buy the forest and cut it down to build a housing development.


With messages about the environment and the importance of good over evil, this book should appeal to nine to ten-year olds, particularly girls.

In progress: "Tales of the Maenads".

Following on from the release of "Forgotten Gods" will be an anthology of short stories dealing with the further adventures of the maenads of Dionysus. It is anticipated the stories will be set in various historical periods ranging from 500BCE up to the present day. Each story will be complete in itself but will be consistent with the world of "Forgotten Gods."