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Here you can find out what I'm currently writing and other news. 

"Fallen Gods Act 1" published.

The first volume of my new urban fantasy series "Fallen Gods" is now available on Amazon. "Fallen Gods" is the story of the Greek god Dionysus, god of wine, theatre and ritualised madness, running a music hall in Victorian London. To help him he has his maenads, but the ladies often have a hard time keeping the wily and wayward deity ion check. 

Things aren't helped when other gods and a tribe of rakshasa demons try to take over. Can Dionysus and his ladies save the world and still get the curtain up on time?

Map and illustrations are by talented Swedish artist Sophy Fredriksson, who also designed the gargoyle at the bottom of the page. Cover design will be by

Each Act of the series (there will be three) is divided into four scenes, each a self-contained novella that link to form a larger story arc.

In Act 1 are the following novellas:

The Resurrection Box. Poretous Merriman arrives at the Gypsy music hall for a turn as illusionist. But one of his magic tricks consists of a resurrection illusion--or it more than a mere illusion?

Susannah. Mags saves a young "working girl" from a bad customer. But the girl's strange powers of healing are soon pitted against a serial killer stalking London's foggy streets.

The Moonsnatcher. It's bad enough having one god hanging around making life difficult for Mags and Leah, but when the Moon decides to drop by for some desperately needed advice, their days just get even more difficult.

Mister Foxwood's Holiday. Wanting to know more about the mysterious Resurrection Box, Dionysus enlists the help of his one true love, Tamar the Sky Goddess. Together they travel into the future, only to find the world overrun by shape-shifting demons.

Publication of "Only-By-Darkness"

My middle grade book "Only-By-Darkness" has been published. Talented cover artist Natasja Hellenthal of created the cover. 

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