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Below are my published novels. Click on the links to purchase.

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Plato's Cave


Emily Branwell wakes up one morning to find her horoscope is astoundingly accurate, sausages keep appearing all around her, and she can walk through walls. That is confusing enough, but when a huge, threatening shadow appears in the sky, Emily must solve the riddle of her rapidly disintegrating world before reality itself collapses.

In her quest for answers, Emily seeks the help of both psychics and scientists, but finds that ultimately the truth lies far beyond the world anyone knows.

Plato’s Cave takes a humorous look at humanity’s search for truth and the meaning of existence through the eyes of someone who wishes the universe would just stop bothering her.

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The Red King: The Jabberwocky Book Part 1


Alice Liddell had adventures in Wonderland many years ago. Now she is grown-up, married and living a respectable life in Edwardian London. But her dreams have come back to haunt her. A serial killer stalks the streets. The Red King is on a quest for revenge against the seven-year-old girl who humiliated him years ago.

Alice joins forces with Dorothy Gale, who had adventures of her own in a land called Oz. Together they hunt the Red King before he can enslave the world. But Alice discovers that the Red King’s rampage may be all her own fault–
fighting her own dreams isn’t easy.

Unkindness of Ravens_cover.jpg
An Unkindness of Ravens: The Jabberwocky Book Part 2


A grisly death in the Tower of London and a deadly attack on an ocean liner in the mid-Atlantic signal the arrival of the Raven, a creature that seeks to reshape the universe. Alice Liddell and Dorothy Gale, fresh from defeating the Red King, must try to prevent it. But even their childhood adventures in other worlds haven’t prepared them for the deadly ambition of this relentless creature of darkness.

Looking Glass House Finalsmall.jpg
The Looking-Glass House: The Jabberwocky Book Part 3


As the Great War rages across four worlds, Alice Liddell and Dorothy Gale once again unite to confront the terror of the Red King. While Alice learns the truth about her childhood and the mysterious Oxford don who first sent her to Wonderland, Dorothy faces far greater danger than she ever encountered in Oz or the tower of the Raven.
Old enemies return and new allies are found as the two women try to stop the Great War and defeat the plans of the Red King to enslave Europe's leaders. Alice and her sisters Lorina and Edith hold the key to saving all of the worlds linked by the mysterious Jabberwocky Book. But Edith died long ago. Alice must somehow call upon the power of her dead sister before all is lost.
She needs Dorothy's help, but Dorothy has problems of her own, trapped behind enemy lines on the Western Front.


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ISBN: 978-0-6451490-0-5

ISBN: 978-0-6451490-1-2

Molly Travers doesn’t like living in a small country town. Not only is she bullied at school, but she misses her friends back in the city. When she meets Only-By-Darkness, a wood sprite who has lived in a nearby forest for hundreds of years, they strike up an unusual friendship.

But soon they learn a terrible truth: the forest is to be cut down to make way for a new housing estate. The sprite and all the animals will lose their homes.

Can Molly and Only-By-Darkness work together to save the forest, when they both have very different ideas of how to go about it? With some important people in the town against them, will they go too far in their efforts to win? 

Days of Iron


Four hundred years in the future, genetic engineering has created three species of humans. Homo sapiens – the Sapes – are the masters. The Sirians are savage and insular. The Helots are slaves, denied even the right to breed. Now, after generations of abuse and exploitation, the Helots seek to overthrow their masters by attacking Zeus, the supercomputer that oversees the Sapes’ society.

For Maddy Hawthorn, a Sape colonist, the peaceful life she had planned at Barnard’s Star is torn apart when she becomes involved in the a terrorist plot to destroy the stranglehold of the Sapes over the other races. 

On a remote planet called Lizard she faces not only formidable military opposition but also fundamental questions about her own motives, and the nature of the society which has made her who she is.

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